Te Wheke 

Te Wheke is a multisensory, food and wine matched event put on by Capital Magazine for the 2019 Wellington On A Plate food festival. The brief was to create an event to be held during WOAP doing what  Capital does best - telling the tales of the our city.

Client: Capital Magazine 


Concept, UX, Event Design/ Decor, Logistics, Partnership manager, Event manager - Lauren Andersen

Design and Decor - Shalee Fitzsimmons

Logistics and Budgeting - Benn Jefferies

Script and Soundscape- Moana Ete

Illustrator - Xoe Hall

Muturangi of Hawaiiki loved to worship his pet wheke. He prayed to her to bring him kaimoana to his kete

Down at the shore, each day at four he’d meet her and he’d sing sweet waiata heard near and far through autumn, winter, spring:

Oh wheke, you’re tu meke

the aporo of my karu

each arm you have is mighty

tahi, rua, toru - to waru!

The Event
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