Millennial user experience redesign for the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongawera, in Wellington. Te Papa’s 48 Hour Mad Dash Collab is a monthly event encompassing all of the important values we are beginning to realise that will eventually become a reality for museums- collaboration, involvement, and your response- all equaling to your real, authentic story.

Client: Te Papa & Massey University

Art Direction, Concept, UX /app design, Social media and Marketing Strategy - Lauren Andersen

Video, Branding - Josh Wells

UX design, Research and Logistics - Georgia Couper

48 Hour Mad Dash

Our much loved millennial has stopped going to Te Papa. 

Why? Well as Jeffree Star would say "Can't relate".


Studies show we stop visiting Te Papa after we finish school and don't really return until we have kids of our own. So how do we make Te Papa relatable again?


Welcome to Te Papa's 48 Hour Mad Dash.